IBM & Maconomy Team Up

IBM and Maconomy Corporation have entered into a strategic alliance to deliver ASP-based solutions for service companies across Europe and the USA. Maconomy software, hosted by IBM, will deliver Web-based e-business solutions to services companies, making access to critical business software and information seamless throughout the extended enterprise. The deal will extend Maconomy's offering of Web-centric business software for the automation of the services industries, including wall-to-wall support of intra-corporate business processes as well as inter-company business integration. The alliance will combine Maconomy's Corporate Application Service Provider networking technology (C-ASP) with IBM's offerings in the field of e-business, consulting and system support.

Today's strategic alliance, which raises Maconomy into the top tier of IBM business development partners worldwide, includes collaboration on consulting and system service offerings, as well as common marketing and sales initiatives. IBM is heavily involved in software development and in the supply of hardware.

KPMG Switzerland is the most recent example of where Maconomy and IBM have successfully worked together to deliver a fully integrated ASP-based solution. KPMG Switzerland has now integrated all national offices, including complete corporate financial back-office services, based on a single multi-company database, as well as fully integrated timesheet, expense reporting, and project management front-office support.

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