Akamai & IBM Improve Web Performance

IBM and Akamai Technologies Inc. have entered a strategic agreement to establish a set of services that will speed content delivery over the Web. As part of a broad alliance between the companies, IBM will use Akamai's technology to build a set of systems integration and application development services to speed and more smoothly handle unpredictable demands on Web sites. Additionally, IBM Global Services, a world leader in Web hosting and integration, becomes the largest company to resell and integrate Akamai's FreeFlow service, a global, high performance service for the delivery of Internet content and applications.

According to the agreement, Akamai will purchase and deploy IBM Netfinity enterprise-class servers, running the Linux operating system. As Akamai expands its network's reach, IBM will be Akamai's primary supplier of servers. Akamai also plans to support IBM's standards-based roadmap, known as the Application Framework for e-business, to help customers, partners and developers get their e-businesses up and running quickly and securely. IBM is also beginning implementation of Akamai's FreeFlow service in customer sites and will use FreeFlow on its own site, www.ibm.com.

For more information, visit IBM's Web site at www.ibm.com.

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