Perle Adds to Affinity Line of 5250 Emulation Adapters

Jim Martin

Perle Systems (Westmont, Ill.) has added another component to its Affinity Line of 5250 emulation adapters with the release of the Affinity Express PCI adapter, a product designed to eliminate software conflicts and ensure users uninterrupted operation.

According to Perle, the new adapter is up to four times faster than traditional Twinax adapters in delivering corporate AS/400 users and IP resources to PC users.

Because it is 100 percent IBM register level compatible, the Affinity Express PCI adapter provides users with a means of integrating their midrange environment with other computing platforms such as Linux, Unix and Microsoft NT.

“The Express PCI adapter allows companies to integrate IP-enabled PCs with their IBM midrange applications, such as host files, databases and shared folders, without sacrificing access speed,” says Sean O’Donovan, VP of worldwide marketing at Perle Systems. “At the same time, they can quickly and easily deploy IP applications such as Web browsers, e-mail and Lotus Notes, right on top of their existing Twinax connection.”

The Affinity Express Adapter—which also supports products from other mainstream suppliers of IBM 5250 adapters such as IBM, Wall Data and Netsoft—is immediately available with a starting price of $299.

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