DetectIT Releases Enhanced Security Series

Joanna Doyle

DetectIT (Denver) has expanded its popular AS/400 security series with the release of DetectIT e-series, announced this week.

The e-series is an extension of DetectIT’s popular security solutions, which are used in auditing, data and system management, and application and access control on a single AS/400 or a network of multiple servers. The new product series is designed to offer more advanced features to work securely and graphically for use within an e-business AS/400 environment.

The first module released as part of the product series is e-EXM Examiner Control, which handles security risk assessment on the AS/400. Other modules to be launched this year will cover various operations including access control, auditing, client access and profile management. In addition, DetectIT e-series will soon incorporate comprehensive network security solutions across platforms such as NT, Linux and Unix. DetectIT is in the process of developing the facility for single sign-on within this complex multi-platform security environment and has begun work embracing digital certificates and PKI on their Internet solutions.

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