ALLTEL Opens AS/400-Based Lending Service Bureau

Joanna Doyle

ALLTEL announced this week the creation of an AS/400-based commercial lending service bureau, utilizing ALLTEL’s Advanced Commercial Banking System (ACBS). The bureau is designed to meet the varying needs of ALLTEL’s customers, from large global clients to mid-sized and non-traditional financial services institutions.

The service bureau will provide financial service industry customers with information outsourcing services in conjunction with the ACBS lending application suite. The centralized IT operations can be conducted at a lower cost than would be possible if each organization were to conduct their operations on-site.

“By offering commercial lending services in a service bureau environment, organizations have an affordable entry into this business,” said Don Cooksey, managing director of ACBS for ALLTEL information services. “This new capability will ensure that our commercial lending offerings are cost effective, and will allow clients to concentrate on their core business, while ALLTEL focuses on the technology.”

The ACBS product utilizes client/server architecture and is a multi-currency, multi-language application. It supports an array of lending products, including asset-based lending, collaterallized loan obligations, syndicated loans, structured finance and commercial real estate loans.

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