AS/400 Developers Enter Open Source ERP Market

Jim Martin

Over the years, the growing crusade of the open source code movement has caused barely a ripple in the AS/400 community. Now, the inevitable has occurred, as a group of AS/400 professionals recently unveiled their intentions to bring the open source code movement to the AS/400 with the release of an ERP product.

The initiative, aptly named WyattERP, will for the first time bring a complete ERP system’s open source into the public domain for collaborative development.

According to Leslie S. Russell, a programmer/analyst for Datrek Professional Bags, Inc. who is part of the group, the open source ERP product will accomplish two main things. First, it will put the source code into the hands of programmers and second it will allow companies of all sizes to have a choice when investigating and ERP type solution.

All source code for the project will be hosted at Netshare 400 (new window) and will be available before the month end. Interested parties will be able to logon to Netshare400 through a user id donated by Netshare400 and view a working demo of WyattERP. Documentation for the project, contributor information, and the latest stable release of source code will be available through the Open Source/400 project (new window).

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