ACOM Solutions Adds to MICR Printer Line

ACOM Solutions Inc. (Long Beach, Calif.) has introduced six additions to its line of MICR-Enhanced Xerox DocuPrint Network Laser Printer Solutions, providing users of its QuickCheck/400 and QuickCheck for Windows secure payment-processing systems and MICRPro financial-document printing systems with increased speeds, improved paper handling and productivity, and exceptionally favorable price-performance ratios, says James R. Scott, ACOM VP of sales.

ACOM's announcement comes immediately following Xerox's introduction of its new DocuPrint network laser-printer offerings. The MICR-enhanced models were engineered for MICR printing and secure operations by ACOM in its own laboratories, in collaboration with Xerox engineers.

"These new printers offer companies an excellent opportunity to tailor their production rates and security features to the check volumes and working environments of their companies," Scott says. "Their network capabilities enable distributive printing in a range of scenarios, and their dual mode capabilities dramatically extend their utility in corporate environments—as primary MICR printers performing conventional backup or as conventional printers doing MICR backup.

The printers and their production rates include: DocuPrint N2125 and a non-network version, DocuPrint N2125b, both of which print at 21 ppm; DocuPrint N2025, which prints at 20 ppm; DocuPrint N2825, which prints at 28 ppm; DocuPrint N3225, which prints at 32 ppm; and DocuPrint N4025, which prints at 40 ppm.

ACOM's enhancements to the printers include sensors that protect users against printing MICR jobs with non-MICR toner; a three-position keylock switch (MICR ON, MICR OFF and PRINTER OFF); a customized E13B MICR font and MICR toner customized to the requirements of each printer; and a PCMCIA card reader for ACOM's removable Secure-A-Font card. All feature crisp image resolution, on-board Ethernet (except the DocuPrint N2125b), Universal Serial Bus and Adobe PostScript 3 standard. Pricing begins at $2,895, with availability scheduled for March.

ACOM's MICR-Enhanced Xerox DocuPrint Network Laser Printer Solutions are basic elements of ACOM's Total Integrated Payment Processing Solution, which consists of QuickCheck payment-processing software (AS/400, Windows environments); check and form design software; Xerox MICR Laser Printers; consumables, including MICR toner and blank safety-check stock; post-processing equipment; service and support; and maintenance contracts.

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