INRANGE Network Management Solution Offers Dynamic Visibility

Joanna Doyle

INRANGE Technologies (Mount Laurel, N.J.) has released the first integrated enterprise solution to allow enterprise-wide physical network management with dynamic visibility.

INRANGE’s Universal TouchPoint Architecture (UTA) integrates high-speed switching platforms and modular network management software to allow non-restricted circuit access across distributed sites without requiring significant hardware changes, reconfigurations or mirroring solutions to be implemented. UTA, which employs INRANGE’s market-leading TouchPoint 2800 High Speed Switching Platform, provides network managers with the ability to connect Sniffers, analyzers and other tools to any valid network link.

In addition to TouchPoint technology from INRANGE, UTA also employs VARCOM Corporation’s Virtual Control 1000 Network Management System and can support plug-in application modules such as Remote Test Manager.

Dan Raup, INRANGE Technologies’ business area director for datacomm networking, sees UTA as an important tool for network managers to evaluate and improve service and performance, especially across multiple data centers and sites.

“Today’s networks are stressed by heightened demands created by e-business, ERP and other business applications, as well as vast amounts of new data created daily,” Raup says. “UTA users can manage the performance of all data centers from a central location, set performance, thresholds, and receive alerts when thresholds are exceeded. UTA delivers a comprehensive network picture, without overhead or disruption. Businesses can proactively detect and correct performance problems before they have an impact.”

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