Information Builders Joins EMC’s E-Infostructure Developers Program

Information Builders has joined the E-Infostructure Developers Program of EMC Corporation, thus providing the EMC Symmetrix Storage System with enhanced functionality through the integration of Information Builders’ EDA enterprise integration middleware, Copy Manager data extraction, transformation and load (ETL) tool and Data Migrator conversion and interface tool.

Specifically, Information Builders’ EDA middleware, which offers robust access to more than 80 disparate data sources, will be extended to support SymmAPI-Sockets to provide high-speed data movement through Symmetrix Enterprise Storage Systems and Enterprise Storage Networks. The combination of these technologies will allow EMC customers to rapidly access and/or move large volumes of data via EMC protocols. In addition, Information Builders’ Copy Manager and Data Migrator will enable EMC Symmetrix Storage System users to populate and refresh data warehouses and ERP databases five to ten times faster than using traditional network transport and ETL technologies.

"By joining our strengths, EMC users can now access and move extremely large volumes of data, regardless of vendor or platform, much faster than ever before," says Jon Deutsch, General Manager of Information Builders’ Data Warehouse Division. "Information Builders’ core competencies in enterprise integration and business intelligence, combined with EMC’s secure and reliable communications backbone provide an unparalleled solution for enterprise ETL and Web reporting. Among the benefits are decreased network traffic and reduced CPU cycles."

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