Hummingbird's HostExplorer Web 2.1 Takes Flight

Hummingbird Communications Ltd.'s HostExplorer Web Version 2.1, is a portal-integrated, Web-to-Host solution. With complete integration into Hummingbird's Enterprise Information Portal (EIP), the product also offers G2G technology, CAP (Common Authentication Protocol) server support, macro support and middle-tier server support.

"By providing IBM mainframe, AS/400, UNIX and Linux host access into the Hummingbird EIP, users are guaranteed a single point of access to every business-critical application and resource across the entire enterprise," says Gary Tyreman, Senior Director for Connectivity Product Marketing.

The Hummingbird EIP builds on core Hummingbird technologies providing a single point of access to all structured and unstructured enterprise data. Beyond access, the Hummingbird EIP enables users to quickly process, filter and act upon information from any enterprise source.

"The new green-to-GUI (G2G) technology included with HostExplorer Web provides users with the ability to convert traditional green screens into graphical user interfaces, enabling the creation of comprehensive portal solutions," says Hossam Abou Zeid, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Hummingbird.

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