SolCom Solution Allows Users to Integrate SolCom Products with Domino

Joanna Doyle

SolCom (Sioux Falls, S.D.) has announced the release of SolCom DominoConnect, a tool to integrate SolCom’s E-Xpress family of products with Lotus Notes/Domino.

DominoConnect is designed to provide AS/400 users with high-volume, production document imaging. For users of SolCom’s MultiManager, a high-speed document capture and management product, DominoConnect allows the use of a Lotus Notes client to view and work with needed information including MultiManager images and electronic folders. Users can also take advantage of DominoConnect’s ability to integrate with MultiFlow, SolCom’s production workflow product, enabling Domino forms to front-end MultiFlow’s graphical work process builder. In addition, MultiFlow’s “drag and drop” graphical workflow interface allows administrators to define or modify complex Notes workflow processes without programming support or scripting.

Marv Addlink, CEO of SolCom, says the company’s customers have found the new integration tool to be a valuable solution for managing documents and reducing paper-based communication while utilizing their familiar Lotus environment.

“Since many of our customers are also Lotus Notes/Domino users, this was a natural fit,” Addlink says. “By integrating our document management functions into the Notes client, our customers now have access to all the information they need when they need it through an interface with which they are very comfortable.”

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