DetectIT’s E-Series for E-Commerce Security

DetectIT (UK) recently announced it has expanded its popular AS/400 security series with the release of DetectIT e-series.

The e-series is an extension of DetectIT’s security solutions, which are used in auditing, data and system management, and application and access control on a single AS/400 or a network of multiple servers. The new product series is designed to offer more advanced features to work securely and graphically for use within an e-business AS/400 environment.

“E-series is a very exciting series of systems that we’re getting involved in,” said Cheng Teo, president and CEO of DetectIT. “It allows us to make new offerings to our customers in two crucial areas: e-security and graphical interface.”

The DetectIT e-series is designed to support e-commerce by providing exit point security checks in addition to the native security provided by OS/400. Teo says the e-series, featuring these enhanced security features and GUI, will eventually replace the traditional DetectIT products which “will slowly come to the end of their development cycle.” The shift is in response to changing customer demands and the rapid expansion of e-commerce.

“E-series allows us to move into the Internet space,” he says. “We hope this will promote e-commerce and e-security for our customers.”

The first module released as part of the new product series is e-EXM Examiner Control, which handles security risk assessment on the AS/400. The e-EXM module allows a system administrator to set security policy and then scans one or more AS/400s in the enterprise to determine if those user-defined standards are being complied with. It also employs a graphical interface to make the process of creating and modifying policies more accessible.

The GUI component is a crucial improvement in e-series over previous releases of DetectIT products, which were strictly green-screen applications. Teo says the more modern, accessible interface will prove to be a great benefit in terms of user productivity.

“I expect it to enhance user performance a great deal,” he adds. “The process of doing one specific job is much more quickly and easily accomplished with a familiar graphical interface. Before you might have to go through three or four different screens on a black and green screen to do what this allows you to do with just a few clicks.”

Other modules to be launched on a monthly basis throughout the year will cover various operations including access control, auditing, client access, and profile management. In addition, DetectIT e-series will soon incorporate comprehensive network security solutions across platforms such as NT, Linux and Unix. Although, Teo stresses, “We’re still going to be an AS/400 stronghold.”

DetectIT is in the process of developing single sign-on facility within this complex multi-platform security environment and has begun work embracing digital certificates and PKI on its Internet solutions.

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