FORMation mg, Caere Corp. Team on Workflow Automation

Enhanced AS/400 workflow automation software and reduced deployment costs of electronic forms are two of the main features in FORMation mg’s (Irvine, Calif.) release of flashFORM 400 4.0.

An AS/400-specific electronic document solution designed to eliminate the cost of preprinted forms and checks, flashFORM 400 showcases an artificially intelligent GUI front end and a easy-to-use AS/400 SAA-compliant means to integrate.

Through an agreement with Caere Corp. (Los Gatos, Calif.), FORMation has dramatically increased the electronic forms capability in version 4.0. Under terms of the deal, Caere customized its OmniForm electronic forms software into flashFORM.

“Our previous forms creation engine was revolutionary when it was introduced and has served our clients well, but we realized that recognition technology has come light years since then and knew that it was time to upgrade,” says Dan Foster, president of FORMation mg. “When we saw the performance and accuracy that Caere could bring to our product, we knew that we could serve our clients far better with a strategic partnership with them than by trying to reinvent the wheel themselves.”

The OmniForm software accurately recognizes form elements on scanned paper forms, such as fill areas (lines, boxes, etc.), text graphics and color forms. As a result, the flashFORM400 designer component now accurately recognizes color within forms, circles and data field locations, while enhancing the recognition accuracy of lines, boxes and text. With Caere’s artificial technology, users can now scan forms and they will automatically be converted into an editable form. “We’re able to deploy forms much quicker, before the design tools used to take all day, but that’s not the case anymore,” says Foster.

Within flashFORM400’s merge engine menus, FORMation mg has added the ability to map data from databases to electronic forms or checks. Options are available to e-mail spool files with merged forms directly from the AS/400. Another enhancement is the addition of FORMation’s PrintDriver400, which now supports finishing options for multifunction devices.

The latest release also includes additional choices for output. Besides the traditional laser printer capabilities, flashFORM400 now includes options such as e-mail and fax. “The majority of our customers are still printing on preprinted forms, but a lot of them are really excited about the e-mail capabilities,” says Forster.

Looking ahead, Forster says he expects flashFORM400 4.0 to be very popular. “The electronic document industry in the AS/400 is growing, so we’re expecting big things. In the meantime, we’re going to keep adding functions to keep [flashFORM400] paperless and we’re going to be adding Internet-enabled forms in the future.”

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