HP’s 2000 Training

Many businesses are expecting Windows 20000 training challenges. HP offers an evolutionary process that started in a classroom when a team of HP consultants and Microsoft engineers, at labs in the United Kingdom, developed the first Windows 2000 (then NT 5.0) classes. In January 1998, using HP Education’s worldwide network of Certified Technical Education Centers (CTECs), these courses became the first to be offered in classrooms on a worldwide scale.

The HP/Microsoft relationship continues to progress as in-classroom courses like the soon-to-be released Integrating UNIX and Windows 2000 Key Technologies are developed and on-line courses are being introduced continuously.

HP’s education framework blends consulting and systems integration with a range of training delivery options, from group classes to interactive web-based lecture-labs to seminars, mentoring and beyond.

For example, HP project managed the rollout of 180 Exchange Servers and 45,000 desktops to Nokia’s global population. The firm’s end user and Information Management (IM) Professional population was comprised of multiple job roles, including: administrators, account operators, server operators and helpdesk staff.

To find out more about the individual components of the Integrated Learning Approach visit www.hp.com/education/course-listing.html.

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