LabelServer/400 Labeled Effective Label Design Tool

In an effort to broaden the printer support capabilities of its bar code label design tool, LSAssociates, (Marietta, Ga.) is changing the face of LabelServer/400 with the introduction of a new CODESOFT edition.

Introduced two years ago, LabelServer/400 provides WYSIWYG label design and network based label printing options, allowing a single design tool to be used for the design of an enterprise’s labels.

After studying the market, LSAssociates soon realized that its original Loftware Label Server for Windows edition did not support enough popular printers, such as Printronix, to meet market demand, says Bob Lehman, president of LSAssociates.

“The CODESOFT edition supports more printers that Label Server,” he says. “This allows us to address a much broader segment of the AS/400 market. We now support more printers than anyone on the market.”

According to Lehman, there are two main benefits of the CODESOFT edition. The first is that it supports Printronix printers. “There’s a huge base of AS/400 users that have Printronix printers and we were not meeting those needs,” he says. “This new edition effectively addresses the needs of users that have been doing labeling with Printronix and allows them to continue to do so with a tool that makes supporting those printers a lot easier.”

Perhaps just as important to potential customers is the price differential, as the CODESOFT edition can be licensed for $1,995 compared to $5,995 for the Loftware edition, according to Lehman.

“CODESOFT supports all the printers that Loftware does and more at a much lower price,” says Lehman, who adds that he expects the Loftware edition to eventually phase out over time.

In addition to Printronix support, LaberServer/400 with CODESOFT also includes support for Astromed, C.Itoh, DH Technology, Inc. (Bar Code Blaster, Code Courier and Pinnacle), Microcom, Novexx, RJS, and TEC as well as the Datamax, Eltron, Intermec, Monarch, Sato, UBI and Zebra families supported through Loftware.

LabelServer/400 CODESOFT includes enhancement in LSTransform, an optional module originally introduced to support printers attached to the AS/400 via a TCP/IP network. The newest addition supports printers attached via a much wider array of twinax adapters, non-programmable workstations (dumb terminals), thin clients and PCs, enabling users to deploy their printers in a manner that makes sense from both an operational and economic perspective.

“LabelServer/400 allows an organization to use a single label design tool for all its enterprise label design needs, regardless of platform,” says Lehman. “Couple that fact with the power and intuitive simplicity of its graphical link to the AS/400 database and LabelServer/400 becomes the logical choice for developing AS/400 based labeling applications.”

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