LCI Intermate Unveils ArtForm400 for AS/400 Electronic Forms

LCI Intermate U.S. unveiled at COMMON 2000 this week, ArtForm400, an electronic forms management solution, with the claim that it can handle the entire print workflow of an AS/400 without any requirement for reprogramming of print applications. Electronic forms are automatically selected based on print data, and distributed to any HP PCL compatible printer in the network.

Forms can be designed in the "green-screen" environment or any Windows design tool or word processor, with freedom in repositioning, formatting and rotating spool data using scalable fonts and barcodes. The forms design module supports color and true WYSIWYG viewing of forms and spool files directly on the queue.

ArtForm400's built-in AutoForms Control subsystem can integrate with the AS/400 spooling system, adding electronic forms to spooled print jobs and printing in a single process. ArtForm400 automates all distribution, printing and overlay processes for any AS/400 application. It also provides spool file manipulation features such as conditional splitting, copying, sorting and grouping as well as support for advanced printer finishing systems, such as sorters, staplers and insertion systems. ArtForm400 can integrate with various faxing and archiving solutions and supports an unlimited number of PCL printers regardless of attachment method, including color and thermal printers.

ArtForm400 ships on tape or CD and allows for a 30-day free trial period. LCI Intermate US Inc. is part of the Danish company LCI Intermate A/S. The LCI Intermate US Inc. office is located in Portsmouth, NH, USA. Telephone (603) 431-0606, Fax (603) 436-6432. Web site at (new window).

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