BMC Enhances AS/400 Management Capabilities of CONTROL-M

Jim Martin

BMC Software Inc. (Houston) has enhanced the AS/400 product management capabilities in the latest release of CONTROL-M. For the first time, CONTROL-M server/agent technology now supports the AS/400, allowing users more flexible and efficient configurations of the managed systems.

Targeting corporations with multiple platforms, CONTROL-M supports applications running on servers such as OS/390, AIX and Windows NT, streamlining the management of the operating systems. This way, organizations can manage the production environment according to business needs.

“The ability to manage different platform combinations from a central point allows organizations to tailor their production management strategy to the specific demands of their business applications,” says Cindy Sterling, senior program director for IT process automation at BMC Software. “As a result, new implementation is faster, management is simplified, and the ability to successfully complete business transactions is optimized.”

The new server/agent technology enables AS/400 users to monitor and control any managed platform and initiate all production activities. Also, the server/agent is ideal for e-business applications, a growing need in some AS/400 shops.

“AS/400 customers continue to demand a reliable, scalable platform for mission-critical core business applications, as well as new e-business solutions,” says Lennie Broich, manager of AS/400 software marketing for IBM. “We selected BMC Software’s CONTROL-M as one of the AS/400 Systems Management Partner Group solutions because of its server/agent technology and the additional flexibility it provides our customers. Customers may now select one of IBM’s solutions or CONTROL-M for AS/400-based scheduling in a heterogeneous environment.”

CONTROL-M for both mainframe and distributed systems are generally available. Pricing starts at $25,000 and varies according to configuration requirements.

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