DataLink/400: A Tool for Data Transfer Between AS/400 and Domino

Matt Migliore

Aktion Associates, Inc. (Maumee, OH) has announced the release of DataLink/400, a data-synchronization tool that enables the transport of database materials between AS/400 and Lotus Domino.

"Two important events occurred that created the need for DataLink/400," says John Crisman, Unit Manager for the Lotus Notes Unit of Aktion Associates. "First, was the arrival of the e-business movement; second, was the introduction of Lotus Domino for AS/400."

According to Crisman, "Those who benefit the most from DataLink/400 are RPG Programmers. It's familiar interface makes it easy for them to use." DataLink/400 allows RPG Programmers to write DB2/400 data directly into Domino documents, and uses triggers to export new or modified data from AS/400 to Domino in real time. The triggers also provide the ability to control the timing of data transfer.

When used in conjunction with Domino Enterprise Connection Services (DECS) -- a real-time, data-transfer agent packaged with Domino R5 -- DataLink/400 eliminates the need for an additional tool to refresh the keys in Domino's batch mode. During a transfer, DataLink/400 maintains the stub documents and their corresponding keys DECS requires for refreshing.

DataLink/400 is also equipped with functionality to trigger events in Domino based on data alterations in business applications. For example, it can automatically generate an e-mail message and send it to both a sales person and a customer based on a production-scheduling change.

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