Transoft Brings AS/400 Support to TCF

Jim Martin

With a growing need in the AS/400 community to extend mission-critical applications into e-business solutions, Transoft (Atlanta) recently added AS/400 support to its Transoft Component Framework (TCF) product.

This new addition gives AS/400 users a proven tool to access legacy data and position logic embedded in proprietary systems, without the risk of scrapping long-held systems and attempting to duplicating those in a new environment.

“We see the AS/400 continuing as a leading platform for distributed computing environments,” says Paul Holland, CEO of Transoft. “AS/400 organizations, due to their size and longevity—and the extensive business logic embedded in their legacy code—are ideally suited to benefit from Transoft Components Framework.”

The Transoft Component Framework is particularly appealing to AS/400 companies that want to deploy e-business applications, as TCF provides immediate deployment of Internet applications and ensures that the logic performs as it always has in other environments.

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