Polyphasic Releases Cognation CRM Suite Version 3.0

Polyphasic, Inc., developer of applications that enable sell-side e-commerce, has announced the release of version 3.0 of its flagship product, Cognation, a Product/Customer Relationship Management (P/CRM) system that enables companies of all sizes to tailor their Web product presentation for individual customers.

Cognation incorporates principles from Information Science to build Web catalogs and directories that feature "best of breed" usability. It allows the creation and management of high-end, unique customer catalogs for inclusion in customer portals or company Web sites. In addition, Cognation simplifies the task of creating, managing and exporting product information in the multiple formats used for B2B commerce. Cognation can be deployed in a variety of configurations and can be integrated with most ERP and CRM solutions.

"Since it's written completely in Java, Cognation is platform independent and is now available to the thousands of IBM AS/400 users in mid-sized companies," says Mike Knox, the Polyphasic CEO. “This new version of Cognation offers more features than systems costing many times as much, so this product should be especially attractive to smaller companies that need to move to e-commerce but have been concerned about price. We have also improved user controls in this version so the system can be operated by sales and marketing personnel without much involvement from the IT department."

Cognation can be implemented as an inexpensive stand-alone e-selling system or can be integrated with products from other vendors to form a more sophisticated Web selling presence.

A recent spin-off from Michigan State University, Polyphasic uses technology developed for MSU to build software systems for creating, managing, publishing and synchronizing complex datasets on the Web. Polyphasic can be reached at 517-381-8229.

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