Allied Telesyn Launches Partner Program

Allied Telesyn International has launched a new branch of its Allied Telesyn Alliance Partner (ATAP) program, directed to resellers. Designed to provide real benefits for networking VARs, the ATAP program incorporates special tools for support, training, joint marketing and referrals, as well as real opportunities for resellers to give their input to Allied Telesyn on matters such as product line evolution, training and support issues.

"We are offering something substantially different with this program," says Vince Ricco, Allied Telesyn's Senior Vice President of North American Sales. "The fundamental ingredients may be familiar to resellers, but the real proof of the pudding is in the eating. If ATAP was designed to be just another reseller program with too many layers and over-complicated processes, we would have been told that early on by the resellers who helped us design it and have now enthusiastically signed-up for it."

Allied Telesyn's new ATAP program is a relationship program, not merely a sales incentive program. Through a series of discussions and meetings with its best resellers, Allied Telesyn determined the things that matter most to today's resellers: great products, truly reliable support, effective (not onerous) training, value-added services and a simple loyalty reward scheme.

"Let's face it, resellers focus their attention on things that really do affect their business. Most reseller programs get the thumbs-down from the reseller community because they don't add value," adds Ricco. "If it takes hours of effort and paperwork to earn a small discount, or if lengthy and expensive training programs don't produce a decent ROI, resellers will inevitably lose interest."

The ATAP program is designed to meet different resellers' needs by offering four types of membership: Silver, Gold, Platinum and Platinum Plus. A testament to the program's flexibility, its entry-level Silver membership requires no volume commitments or certifications, but gives the reseller access to the full set of ATAP sales and support programs, including joint marketing, the ATAP newsletter, dedicated 800-number support both pre- and post-sale support, and more. Moving up through the ATAP to Gold, Platinum and Platinum Plus, resellers upgrade their expertise and sales volumes at each level, and gain greater discounts on products and services.

Resellers who are interested in learning more about the ATAP program can inquire directly by e-mail at, or can phone Allied Telesyn's headquarters at (800) 424-4284. Further information can be found at

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