ASC to Distribute VisualAGE RPG, CODE/400 with ABSTRACT

Advanced Systems Concepts (ASC) has obtained permission from IBM to distribute VisualAge RPG and CODE/400 with ABSTRACT for Operations Navigator tool, its cross-referencing and development tool. The combined toolset makes use of CODE/400, the AS/400 code editing component of VisualAge RPG and CODE/400.

ABSTRACT is a new plug-in for IBM’s AS/400 Operation Navigator, the Windows-based interface to the AS/400. It has created special links in its software that enables the user to launch a CODE/400 edit session from within an ABSTRACT object list, providing a graphical alternative to using a cross-reference tool or PDM in conjunction with SEU from a green screen. CODE/400 also allows project management facilities that allow repositories for AS/400 and PC-based objects, as well as the ability to compile and debug from a Windows interface.

“This is the first step in the evolution of ABSTRACT from a host-based cross-reference tool to a complete graphical development environment,” says Chris Wilson, ASC’s director of programming tools. “Many AS/400 sites are already performing mixed RPG and Java development tasks, and we want AS/400 programmers to think of ABSTRACT as their primary choice for a cross-reference tool.”

During an introductory period, ASC (new window) is offering competitive upgrades for users of other AS/400 cross-referencing tools.

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