LXI Corp. Integrates AS/400, Unix Tape Management

LXI Corp. (Irving Texas) has integrated the network communications functions of its two flagship products, Media Management System (MMS) for the AS/400 and Tape Management System (TMS/ix) for Unix. This integration will create a common database that can be used to track and protect tapes in a heterogeneous multi-platform environment.

MMS is a fully integrated suite of data management tools that include tape management and vaulting features used in implementing backup, recovery and archiving as part of a complete disaster recovery planning program. It makes use of Hierarchical Storage Management technology for optimal use of storage devices and media. TMS/ix is also an integrated suite of applications designed for management of magnetic tape for Unix.

“For the first time there is a single, integrated, mainframe-class type management system available for midrange systems, including the AS/400, AIX, Solaris and HP-UX,” says Bruce Fisher, VP of sales and marketing at LXI Corp. “Data center managers are now able to manage, control and protect data written to tape by different systems. Not only does one gain peace of mind knowing tapes written on one system will be protected on another, operating efficiency will also increase as tape resources are shared between heterogeneous systems.”

LXI Corp (new window) develops data storage management and operations automation products for the AS/400 and selected Unix platforms. It markets directly and through a channel of partners and affiliates.

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