IBM Host Integration Available Through AS/400 Channel, Configurator

Joanna Doyle

As of April 7, three of IBM’s SecureWay host integration software products will be available through the AS/400 configurator and reseller channels, IBM announced this week.

The products, Host On-Demand V4.0.1, Personal Communications V4.3.1 and Screen Customizer V1.0, are part of a series of SecureWay products designed to help companies connect back-end data sources and support multiple delivery options for networks using HTML or Java.

Personal Communications V4.3 is a fat-client 3270, 5250 and VT terminal emulator and communications client. The product provides secure intranet, extranet or Internet access to host-based applications and data on a variety of host platforms from any client machine over any network protocol. Personal Communications is currently employed as the emulation software for IBM’s Client Access/400 connection tool.

Host On-Demand V4.0, used with a Java-enabled browser, provides secure Web-to-host access and e-business application programming support. Host On-Demand’s Java emulator supports TN3270, TN5250, VT 50/100/220 and CICS applications. Features include standard desktop utilities, file transfer, host print capabilities and a standard GUI for green screen applications. It can be implemented without any need for client installation or a middle-tier server.

Screen Customizer V1.0 allows users to customize a graphical user interface for green screen applications using drag-and-drop technology. The product is designed to allow simple, intuitive access to legacy host data and applications without additional programming. Screen recognition technology included in Screen Customizer V1.0 provides users with simultaneous access to multiple hosts with multiple sessions, without requiring access to source code. It is available for both SecureWay Host On-Demand V4.0 and SecureWay Personal Communications V4.3.

All three products are supported in PCAS400 Configurator and AS/400 Software Subscription. Personal Communications V4.3.1 is priced at $279 for one registered user and Host On-DemandV4.0.1 is $199 for a new user and $129 for a single-user upgrade from an existing 5250 emulator product. Screen Customizer V1.0 is $79 for one registered user, $99 for one concurrent user and $4,999 for a Studio license.

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