Auditron/400 Combines Database/System Audit Tasks

Dynamic Systems Solutions (DSS, Pompano Beach, Fla.), a provider of system security solutions for business information networks, has released Auditron/400, calling it the first product to combine database and AS/400 auditing into a single package. Auditron/400 is the latest offering in an Auditron line that, until now, has been comprised of database-only auditing software.

DSS makes the claim to be the first all-in-one-solution for auditing AS/400 based on Auditron/400’s ability to enable an auditor to track field-level modifications made to sensitive data elements, as well as manage and control AS/400 system security.

Auditron/400 is user-controlled and text-based with interactive help and default values for configuration, tracking and monitoring. Rather than needing knowledge of libraries on a client machine, an auditor can make decisions and generate reports based on default settings, eliminating the demand for custom programming.

"The textual environment makes it easy. A person not familiar with auditing AS/400 can configure the software and feel confident that it's working properly and that they're receiving the information they want," says DSS Vice President, Rob Kirkwood. "There are no codes to mess around with."

Auditron/400 has online inquiry capability, which facilitates the review and verification of the actual auditing process. An administrator can attach free-form comments for the auditor at the AS/400 systems-security level, or predetermined comments at the field level. "It's sort of like auditing the auditor," says Kirkwood.

With the data-auditing feature, an auditor can tailor their efforts down to the field level and in turn generate custom, before-and-after audit logs for whatever files and fields have been selected. In addition, Auditron/400 is equipped with the functionality to link non-audited data elements to related auditable files and fields. So the application not only records modifications made to specified files or fields, it also shows the impact of the changes on all elements dependant on those files or fields (e.g. applications on another system).

Custom reports that offer before-and-after images of audited files and fields and related data elements can be generated from the audit logs. A detailed view of the program, user, date and time of modification is also provided. And by using Auditron/400's filtering feature, an auditor can sift a report's contents to find vital information.

The highly selective nature of Auditron/400's reporting features allow an auditor to "report on specific elements rather than producing global reports filled with information that is not really needed or desired," says Bill Teicher, DSS president and CFO.

Despite its many capabilities, according to Kirkwood the most intriguing feature Auditron/400 has to offer is its price. Because Auditron/400 is the only product on the market to offer both database and AS/400 auditing capabilities, DSS is able to undercut the pricing structures of traditional auditing products.

"Our goal is to get the product out there. So, we're selling it below market value in order to establish its presence in the field," says Kirkwood. "A similar package could cost four times as much." Auditron/400 sells for $17,500 per AS/400 license.

DSS is confident Auditron/400's all-encompassing functionality will prove highly attractive in the AS/400 market. So much so, in fact, that Kirkwood says plans to expand the product's availability are already under way. "The next step is to take it to the PC level."

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