Cybra’s MarkMagic Gets SM@RT

COMMON 2000, SAN DIEGO—Cybra Corp. (Yonkers, N.Y.) has announced two major enhancements to its label and forms designer product, MarkMagic/400. With the new releases, users of MarkMagic will be able to take advantage of faster printing capabilities and easier electronic forms generation.

Cybra released MarkMagic 3.3, touting it as a “fine-tuned” version of the previous product, offering increased printing speed up to 73 percent. The company says the increased performance capacity is designed to meet the needs of ERP application vendors whose products often require printing files comprised of hundreds of different fields. MarkMagic utilizes Cybra’s JMagic graphical Java-based client GUI, which allows users to design bar code labels and forms on any PC running a TCP/IP connection to an AS/400.

The latest release of MarkMagic includes a new feature called SM@RT Forms, which can transform spool files into electronic forms with or without the use of AFP/IPDS overlays. Forms can be printed to more than 150 supported MarkMagic device types, including the IBM Integrated FAX Adaptor. SM@RT Forms allows users to reduce paper by replacing preprinted forms and makes it possible to relocate, rearrange or remove spool file fields, mix different font types and sizes using true-type fonts, change text fields to bar code fields, and reformat and edit spool file fields.

The company also announced a new innovation on the sales side, Cybra-Direct, an online order placement process through which the company will offer its bar code software on a name-your-own-price auction-style basis. Customers can select a product model, quantity and preferred price and Cybra will search for a supplier to meet their requirements. According to Alan Kaiser, strategic alliances executive for Cybra, this new pricing option stands to benefit not only consumers, but also resellers. He believes making deals with customers for larger quantities at lower prices will allow VARs to be in a better position to compete with catalog retailers.

“We’ve seen a lot of success in the business-to-consumer space with the Priceline-style auction,” Kaiser says. “We think it can work in a B2B environment as well. In many cases, the VAR has been squeezed out by catalogs. We can help level the playing field.”

Cybra Direct is available immediately. MarkMagic/400 Bar Code Label and SM@RT Forms Software is currently available for a 30-day evaluation period.

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