LogicTier Collaborates with Cisco

LogicTier is collaborating with Cisco Systems Inc. to offer customers high-performance e-Business Operations Sourcing. LogicTier has selected Cisco routers and switches to provide connectivity to its customers' business-critical Web sites with guaranteed high performance, scalability, reliability and security. In addition, LogicTier has achieved certification in the Cisco Powered Network program.

LogicTier offers a complete Internet infrastructure management service that incorporates all aspects of business-critical Web sites from e-Business logic through facilities and bandwidth. LogicTier helps companies get their e-Business products and services to market quickly and prepare for hyper growth, by removing the obstacles of product and service integration, technology obsolescence, lack of technical expertise and the need to personally manage the addition of increasingly complex functionality to Web sites.

To measure the success of the LogicTier operations environment, the company offers the industry's first Web site User Experience Guarantee. This guarantee is a performance commitment that goes beyond current industry-standard Service Level Agreements based on measurements of equipment `uptime.' LogicTier's User Experience Guarantee is based on a patent-pending technology that creates actual measurements of performance of an e-business site from the end-user's perspective. The LogicTier team ensures that ongoing site operations always deliver a mutually agreed-upon level of performance, allowing companies to serve their customer and partner communities at unprecedented performance levels.

Once the LogicTier team is assigned to a new customer, LogicTier architects work with them to determine company site objectives, review site content, inventory any existing software or hardware infrastructures, and benchmark specific performance requirement levels. The team also considers unique Web site end-user characteristics, such as access modem speed, the geographic regions where customers reside, and typical customer on-line behavior patterns. Based on these performance requirements, and short and long term site traffic forecasts, LogicTier uses patent-pending predictive modeling systems to determine operational requirements.

To support dynamic e-business requirements, LogicTier's facilities and operating systems utilize a multi-layer security strategy, technologies and procedures. LogicTier's Performance Command Centers and Data Centers incorporate biometric authentication as well as visual surveillance systems. After a secure operational support structure has been created, the customer site is subjected to significant performance benchmarking and stress testing. LogicTier's dedicated Performance Testing Lab provides an ideal environment for simulating daily and peak traffic loads, including variables such as customer usage patterns and various e-business systems interfaces. From the Performance Testing Lab environment, a site is deployed and distributed across two or more LogicTier Performance Data Centers for production management.

LogicTier's high performance e-business operating environments support Solaris, Linux and Windows NT operating systems and have been created with equipment, facilities, and services from Level 3 Communications, Sun Microsystems, Hewlett Packard, Cisco Systems, Microsoft, Oracle and Marimba. To provide customers with complete e-business lifecycle solutions, LogicTier works closely with e-business strategy and Internet professional services firms including Viant, Cysive, and Centegy Corporation.

Fees for LogicTier services are directly tied to achieving pre-set end user performance levels. Pricing for these services is based on the number of peak users accessing the site and performance commitments for specific user activities. Through this innovative performance-based pricing system, LogicTier's customers have the unique ability to manage and monitor the operational costs of their e-business. In addition, customers can correlate e-business operational expenditures directly to high levels of end user experience and the successful delivery of their business objectives.

LogicTier's membership in the Cisco Powered Network program demonstrates its ability to provide industry-leading technology solutions and services that are based largely on Cisco solutions. A benefit of the program is their participation in joint marketing and technology sharing with Cisco. LogicTier and Cisco are helping to create a New World communications infrastructure enabling customers to reap the benefits of leading-edge technologies.

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