Kanbay Teams with WRQ on Apptrieve for Enterprise Integration

Kanbay Inc. (Chicago), the global e-enterprise integrator, has announced a partnership with WRQ Inc., (Seattle) a leading host access software provider, that will enhance Kanbay's proprietary e-Path legacy-to-Web integration services for businesses worldwide.

"Apptrieve, WRQ's new application mining solution, is an outstanding new tool for integrating legacy data into new e-enterprise infrastructure," says Peter Spring, executive VP of Global Sales and Marketing at Kanbay. “It gives Web application developers easy, object- based access to legacy logic in AS/400, IBM mainframe, VAX and Unix host systems, without requiring alterations to the host system.”

Companies seeking to become Web-centric face a double challenge, says Kanbay: 1) 70 percent of all corporate data today resides on legacy systems which are fundamentally incompatible with the web technologies used to deliver e-business solutions; and 2) most Web application developers are unfamiliar with legacy applications. By adding Apptrieve to its services, Kanbay hopes to address both these challenges. A suite of object-oriented server software and development tools, Apptrieve allows non-legacy-system programmers to access and integrate legacy data into new Web or client/server applications without deep-seated knowledge of the host system. It is non-invasive to legacy applications and requires no re-engineering on the host, speeding a company's movement to an e-enterprise business models.

"Kanbay has an industry reputation for moving organizations from legacy operations to the Web while retaining legacy resources, so are a perfect partner for WRQ. With Kanbay and WRQ, clients do not need to modify or re-invent legacy applications for integration with the Web, so they can execute much faster on their e-business initiatives," according to Shaun Wolfe, Vice President of Integration Solutions at WRQ. "Kanbay and WRQ can cut the time-to-solution down from months to weeks."

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