UniComp Brings Linux Support to UNIBOL 400

Jim Martin

In a major move for UniComp (Marietta, Ga.), the company announced it is extending the integration capabilities of UNIBOL400 to now include support for the Linux operating system. The announcement opens up the door for 30,000 AS/400 applications to migrate to Linux.

UNIBOL400 reengineers AS/400 applications and allows them to run on new platforms. This way, AS/400 software developers have a means to extend their platform coverage without having to maintain and support additional application sources. In addition to Linux, UNIBOL also extends AS/400 applications to the NT and Unix platforms.

According to UniComp, industry support and customer demand led to the decision. Linux has taken off in the past year or two, and is touted for its e-business and e-commerce capabilities. In fact, a study by International Data Corp. (Framingham, Mass.) says Linux was the second most popular operating system to ship in 1999.

“Linux is going from strength to strength and is set to take a chunk of the Unix and Microsoft markets. The maturity of the operating system, low cost of ownership, simple licensing issues and the fact that it ships with the apache Web server has massively fueled its uptake,” says Stephen A. Hafer, CEO of UniComp. “Unix, NT and Linux offer different strengths—all important in different parts of a good IT infrastructure.”

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