American Software Integrates Alert Technology, Categorically

Joanna Doyle

American Software, makers of AS/400-based supply chain software, has announced it is expanding its relationship with Categoric Software by offering Categoric’s instant alert system across its entire line of e-business products.

Categoric Alerts is event detection and notification software that can monitor any database on a company network, intranet or extranet and quickly connect remote employees to needed business information. It is designed to deliver information about business-critical events to recipients in real-time, via various communication devices including e-mail, pagers, cell phones, fax machines, PDAs or the Internet.

American Software first incorporated Categoric’s system with its e-intelliprise enterprise product in October 1999. According to this week’s announcement, the technology will now be used in all of American’s product lines, including AS/400, S/390 and Flow Manufacturing. James Edenfield, American Software president and CEO, says the company hopes the integrated alert technology will help corporations to be better equipped to deal with the growing number of employees and partners who need access to information on the road.

“By alert-enabling American Software’s product line,” says Edenfield, “we’re delivering the real-time notification to mobile decision makers that companies need to become even more responsive to rapidly changing business conditions.”

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