ClearTrust SecureControl Puts Policies in Place for Secure Access

Jim Martin

With security continuing to be one of the largest impediments for e-business transactions, Securant Technologies (San Francisco) has added two significant new features in its latest release of ClearTrust SecureControl, version 4.0.

The first, integrated application level threat detection, breaks away from the traditional means of security. A detector module complements network level intrusion tools and provides a new level for protecting Web applications, content and transactions by allowing enterprises to establish policies for detecting application misuses and monitoring Web resources for suspicious activity.

The other new feature is a Smart Proxy module that allows enterprises to centrally protect and control user access to any Web application regardless of operating systems, including the AS/400. The Smart Proxy module enables enterprises with various computing environments to deploy a single Internet security infrastructure.

In addition, ClearTrust SecureControl 4.0 allows enterprises to securely delegate granular administration powers on three levels: within an enterprise, outside the enterprise, and to individual subscribers.

“As enterprises and service providers move more and more of their business operations to the Web, they require a centralized security infrastructure that can proactively protect all transactions, content, and applications,” says Eric Olden, chief technology officer, Securant Technologies. “ClearTrust SecureControl is the only security infrastructure that provides a single point of control and integrated threat detection to secure all e-business resources regardless of platform, while preventing user management bottlenecks by allowing routine administration to be delegated both inside and outside the enterprise.”

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