IBM Taps Digica for AS/400 ASP Hosting

Jim Martin

Although the AS/400 has had less than stellar revenue results over the past year and a half, there are some people that feel the rapidly evolving ASP industry might be the saving grace for the platform, citing its well known features of security, reliability and scalability as a perfect fit for the ASP model.

Continuing to expand its AS/400-based initiatives, IBM has chosen Digica as the first hosting company in the United Kingdom to offer data center services to AS/400 software providers who want to make their applications available via the ASP model.

Under terms of the deal, Digica—an AS/400-supported company that specializes in midrange and desktop outsourcing—will host the software providers’ applications on servers in its data centers, providing end-user support, disaster recovery and back-up.

“Hosting firms like Digica are providing critically needed resources to IBM AS/400 ISVs who have good applications, but not the infrastructure to deliver their products to the end user through the ASP model,” says Paul Fryer, IBM’s communication manager, EMEA. “By working with Digica, ISVs gain access to a stable, managed environment which enables them to provide their own applications and services to customers without the need to expend large capital sums on infrastructure.”

Digica is accredited as an ASP partner by UUNET, which provides VPN connectivity between customers’ locations and Digica’s datacentres.

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