HP, Keynote Integrate Products

HP and Keynote Systems, a provider of Web site performance measurement and diagnostic services, are integrating offerings from HP's system management solution, OpenView, with Keynote Perspective. The Keynote product offers global, real-time, 24x7 Web site performance and availability measurement. The offerings of the two companies will complement each other, working together to allow IT managers and service providers to rapidly assess whether their own IT infrastructures or the general Internet is responsible for specific customer experiences.

HP is integrating OpenView VantagePoint with Keynote Perspective to allow users to view Keynote measurement data in OpenView's user interface. Through predefined reports, users will be able to view, side-by-side on a single console, data collected by Perspective, which measures the real-time end-user experience, with the actual IT infrastructure performance transaction times collected by OpenView VantagePoint Web Transaction Observer. Moreover, if a user's IT infrastructure is identified as the bottleneck, users can associate Perspective data with IT infrastructure performance data collected by OpenView, to quickly identify performance problems.

HP is also bringing to the party WebQoS, which helps service providers guarantee service level agreements (SLAs) by helping to maintain consistent response times and high reliability. While the integration of Keynote Perspective and OpenView Vantage Point helps users to identify Web site slowdowns, the integration of WebQoS and VantagePoint allows managers to control and resolve issues when Web site demand is above capacity.

HP and Keynote are also offering integration designed for service providers. Keynote Perspective is being integrated with OpenView Venture Foundation, HP's family of service-ready solutions, to allow a service provider's customers to view their end user Internet performance through the same Web-based interface. That will provide end users with both business intelligence and IT data on their outsourced environments.

The HP OpenView VantagePoint and Keynote Perspective integration is scheduled for availability in May. It can be obtained at no cost to joint OpenView and Keynote customers.

The HP OpenView Venture Foundation and Keynote Perspective integration is scheduled for availability in the fall.

Customers can log onto the joint HP OpenView, Keynote Web site at http://www.keynote.com/hpopenview.html to obtain a free trial copy of OpenView VantagePoint Web Transaction Observer.

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