nCipher Cracks the PKI Security Management Problem

nCipher Inc., a developer of high-performance hardware security products for e-commerce and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) applications, will now provide companies doing business on the global internetwork of trust created by Identrus with the highest level of key management security and high-performance multi-threaded transaction acceleration to create a fully optimized e-commerce environment, designed for speed and security. nCipher’s nForce and nShield hardware security modules offer interoperability with Identrus’ Global Trust Infrastructure for business-to-business e-commerce and with products from other leading Identrus partners.

By implementing nCipher’s nForce or nShield hardware security modules, Identrus trading partners can secure, speed and scale their e-commerce environment, allowing them to securely store and protect private keys in a highly-secure hardware environment, rather than an insecure Web server. It also allows them to efficiently process huge volumes of encrypted e-commerce transactions, using nCipher’s multi-threaded processing architecture.

Identrus, founded in April 1999, is creating a worldwide network of trusted financial institutions to remove the final obstacle to business-to-business e-commerce: trust in a trading partner’s identity. To supply this trust, Identrus financial institutions certify their corporate customers as trading partners on the Internet.

These trading partners use the Identrus infrastructure to conclusively identify one another through their financial institutions, ensure their communications are secure, and create an indisputable record of their transactions. With these capabilities, they can conduct Internet business with confidence, opening new markets around the world and lowering transaction costs. The infrastructure is open to financial institutions, their corporate customers, solution providers and security vendors around the world.

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