VirtualTek Teams with U S

U S WEST customers can now have wireless Internet e-mail and Personal Information Management (PIM) services available through the joint efforts of VirtualTek Corporation and U S WEST. With the new U S WEST MyDesk service, U S WEST Wireless BrowseNow customers will be able to check their U S e-mail, address book, calendars and user preferences from any U S WEST Wireless data capable PCS phone.

The Web-based solution is enabled by Joydesk software and developed by VirtualTek Corporation. Joydesk provides U S WEST BrowseNow customers the capability to wirelessly-enable e-mail and PIM services for their subscribers, which can be accessed via browser-equipped wireless devices.

VirtualTek is a high-profile developer of Web-based and wireless collaboration software. The Joydesk interface, e-mail, address book, message board and user preferences can be viewed via an HTML Internet browser or HDML PCS phone mini-browser.

U S WEST (which will soon be merging with Qwest Communications International) is a broadband and communications service provider. The company has nearly 2 million miles of deployed fiber in the U.S., provides local exchange services to more than 25 million customers in 14 states, and provides wireless services to more than 500,000 customers and data services to more than 800,000 customers nationally.

For more information, visit Joydesk's Web site at, or visit U S WEST at

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