Sun Initiates Legacy Trade-In Program

Joanna Doyle

A new program from Sun Microsystems promises incentives for AS/400 and other legacy platform users who choose to replace their existing systems with a Sun server.

Sun has dubbed the program “Dot-Com Your Legacy Desktop,” and it is designed to encourage businesses to implement the company’s Sun Ray 1 multimedia enterprise appliance. Sun will offer a trade-in allowance on IBM 3270 mainframe terminals, 5250 AS/400 terminals and VT terminals, as well as for PCs and workstations.

Gene Banman, VP and general manager, information appliances for Sun, sees the incentive program as an important opportunity for users who have come to see their legacy systems as outdated.

“Despite the massive deployment of networked PCs over the past 15 years, many traditional applications are still running on the terminal model,” Banman says. “Users of legacy terminals now have the opportunity to leapfrog the now mature PC model to the new Internet information appliance model. The program we are announcing today makes the transition to the new model easier than ever before.”

The replacement solution being offered by Sun includes, for each legacy system being replaced, a fully configured Sun Enterprise 250 or 450 server, Ethernet card and connections, and the Sun Ray appliance, which is described as an alternative to a desktop. Sun also offers pickup and disposal of the legacy system. The program will run through Sept. 30, 2000.

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