Jacada Bridges Skills Gap for Developing E-Business Applications

Jim Martin

With a growing need in the legacy application community to rapidly build and develop e-business applications, Jacada Ltd. (Atlanta) has announced the release of Jacada Innovator. By using Jacada Innovator, COBOL and RPG developers can develop the much-needed e-business applications with minimal additional training.

In some cases, professional application developers in the legacy community do not have the ability to build Internet or wireless applications. In fact, while there are more than three million COBOL and RPG developers worldwide, there are only 500,000 Java developers capable of developing enterprise-scale applications, according to GartnerGroup.

Jacada Innovator bridges the gap, providing a thin-client architecture that allows applications written in COBOL, RPG, or other languages to seamlessly integrate with thin clients delivered as Java, HTML, or wireless interface code. It can also transition existing mainframe and AS/400 applications to a thin-client architecture.

“Our customers and prospects tell us that they can not hire and keep the new talent they need to build e-business applications,” says Gideon Hollander, founder and CEO of Jacada. “Internet application developers are expensive; they don’t understand the business applications and they often tend to leave these companies for more lucrative start-up opportunities. Jacada Innovator enables our customers to deliver e-business applications using their current resources—the ones who actually built the applications that support the business.”

According to Jacada, the success of its beat program results and customer demand led to the decision to bring the Jacada Innovator to market much earlier than expected. Jacada Innovator is immediately available. Pricing for the Jacada Innovator Software Development Kit starts at $10,000.

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