Shark Bytes Help Bayer AG Forget Storage Headaches

Joanna Doyle

IBM announced yesterday leading pharmaceutical manufacturer Bayer AG (Medfield, Mass.) has replaced its EMC Symmetrix system with IBM's Enterprise Storage Server (ESS), commonly referred to as Shark.

Before now, Bayer had managed data from its RS/6000 and AS/400 servers with EMC's 3430 Symmetrix. Peter Flaherty, senior IT manager at Bayer, says the company chose to implement the Shark 1.25TB server after evaluating a number of competing systems.

"The Shark ESS was the best choice by far," Flaherty says. "The ESS has by far the best technology and the best value of any storage system we evaluated."

ESS supports various operating systems -- including NT, Unix, Novell NetWare, S/390 and AS/400 -- and can function in a heterogeneous environment. It can work with multiple interfaces, including Fibre Channel, Ultra SCSI and ESCON. Shark is based on IBM's Seascape storage enterprise architecture.

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