UNIBOL400 2.07 Ports AS/400 Apps to NT, Linux

Joanna Doyle

UniComp Inc. (Marietta, Ga.) has released the latest version of UNIBOL400, which will now feature embedded SQL support, ODBC, management console, performance monitor and printer translation tables.

UNIBOL400 v2.07, like previous versions of the product, reengineers AS/400 applications for use with Linux, NT and Unix servers without requiring major code revisions. By offering embedded SQL, UNIBOL400 will now also provide access to data through RPG and COBOL programs. UNIBOL ODBC allows live access to hosted data, and is compatible with Oracle, SQL server and UniComp’s own DB2/400 compatible database.

Added support for Microsoft's Management Console, providing a graphical administration client for Unibol400 with task-oriented, customizable administration tools, is included with UNIBOL400 for NT only. Microsoft Performance Monitor support is also restricted to the NT version. This feature provides a dynamic view of UNIBOL400 system activity.

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