Surveyor/400 Adds JAVA 5250 Emulator

Linoma Software (Omaha, Neb.) has added a full-featured JAVA 5250 emulator to Surveyor/400. It includes 80 and 132 column support, full color, resizable screens, keyboard remapping, printing and cut-copy-paste capabilities. When using cut and copy, either the whole screen or a portion thereof can be selected with the mouse. Users can connect to multiple AS/400s at a time, with multiple sessions open per AS/400.

By adding this new emulation component to Surveyor/400, users will now be able to quickly move between 5250 sessions and the graphical screens in Surveyor/400. Other components available in Surveyor/400 include a DB2/400 file editor/viewer, graphical FTP, SQL run center, file export, file property display and object/file search capabilities.

Surveyor/400 connects using TCP/IP, functions on Operating Systems V3R2 and up, and runs on Windows 9X/NT or any client with a compatible JAVA virtual machine. A free 30-day trial of Surveyor/400 is available for download (new window), by contacting the Linoma Software sales staff at 1-800-949-4696 or via email at Existing customers can obtain this latest version by performing a Web Update via the Help menu.

This new JAVA 5250 emulator is included at no additional charge with the purchase of Surveyor/400. Pricing for Surveyor/400 is AS/400 processor-based, starting at $795 for unlimited users.

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