FutureNext Glossary Sorts Through Internet Jargon Jungle

Joanna Doyle

Companies that compete in international markets make sure their East Asia employees speak Chinese or Japanese, and their European employees speak French or German. The same holds true for companies looking to compete in the e-business market, says Michael Caggiano, president of FutureNext consulting.

To help those who feel they have fallen behind in the latest buzzword usage, FutureNext's Web site (www.FutureNext.com (new window)) will now feature an Internet glossary, containing straightforward definitions of the latest additions to the e-business language.

"Cyberspace has become jargon-space," Caggiano explains. "As brick-and-mortar companies scramble to implement an effective e-strategy, many find themselves in a whole new world where they don't speak the language. To ease their entry and get their e-teams quickly up to speed, we developed this glossary so that they could build their fluency."

New additions to the Internet glossary include content management, dynamic trade, performance datamart, transactive content integration, SSL and VPN. FutureNext plans to update entries on a quarterly basis.

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