Compaq’s TruCluster Server Tops D.H. Brown Study

Compaq Computer Corporation announced that the Compaq TruCluster Server running on Tru64 UNIX has been ranked first by D.H. Brown Associates in their recent study of UNIX-based cluster functionality. The study compared clustering products from Compaq, IBM, Sun, HP, Data General and Sequent.

The D.H. Brown report compared cluster features and functions for high availability. It assessed vendors’ offerings for the presence of hundreds of individual features and functions, numerically rated them within six cluster-related functional categories, and then ranked them overall.

The D.H. Brown study focused on clusters in the areas of Backup and Recovery; Failover Configurability; Concurrent Database Access; Single System Image; High-Availability Administration, and Disaster Recovery.

Compaq dominated three of the six areas, finished second in another, and third in another, giving Compaq TruCluster Server the undisputed overall top ranking.

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