Kanatek Partners with Hitachi Data Systems

KTI Kanatek Technologies Inc., a Canadian systems integrator, specializing in data management and e-business infrastructure solutions, has entered a partnership with Hitachi Data Systems.

Kanatek is focuses on the architecture, design, deployment and support of complex SAN solutions for Fortune 1000 organizations experiencing significant data growth. SAN solutions provide the ability to significantly improve backup and recovery, an increasing concern for many companies. Kanatek's architectures are based on fibre-channel fabrics that provide a mesh of high-speed connectivity between heterogeneous computer servers, pools of disk storage and near line devices.

Hitachi Data Systems is providing a range of fibre-channel fabric aware disk storage devices, ranging from tens of gigabytes to tens of terabytes and beyond, which will complement Kanatek's SAN solutions. The Hitachi Freedom Storage 5800  subsystems provide scalable storage for architectures on the low-to-medium-end while the Freedom Storage 7700E  subsystem provides an  enterprise-class  bulletproof multi-terabyte capability that comes with a financially-backed guarantee of 100 percent uptime.

"Our go-to-market strategy for high-end multiplatform storage in Canada revolves around combining our products with the services of top flight systems integrators.  Kanatek Technologies is one of Canada's premier integrators for Storage Area Network solutions.  We are delighted they chose Hitachi storage products as one of the key elements of their data management offerings," said Michael Jones, Vice-President and General Manager for Hitachi Data Systems in Canada.

Kanatek chose Hitachi Data Systems  because they provide full fibre-channel fabric support; a large number of fibre connections to a single storage device, a full range of storage devices; market-leading technology in reliability, performance and price competitiveness; outstanding post-implementation support; and added value software applications for management and disaster planning.

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