Sapiens, Idor Collaborate on Euro Diagnostic Tool

In an e-business age in which national and international borders are fast fading away, corporate information systems around the world increasingly need an overhaul to deal with new developments in currency exchange and conversion. A new agreement between Sapiens International Corp. (Research Triangle Park, N.C.) and Idor Systems Ltd. may bring much-needed relief to some AS/400 users wrestling with the problem of converting their IT environments to support the European Economic and Monetary Union’s (EMU) new euro standard.

Some AS/400 users may be wrestling with the problem of converting their environments to support the EMU's new euro standard.
Many European and some U.S. companies with AS/400s in-house have already invested in migration and convergence tools to help them as they outfit their AS/400s to ensure euro compliance. But because euro conversion can be such a daunting task and touches upon a number of business processes across a dizzying variety of applications and platforms, organizations also need a diagnostic solution that can ensure that changes made in one part of an enterprise won’t affect operations further on down the line.

Enter ECR/400, the result of a collaboration between Idor Systems—a provider of AS/400-based solutions—and Sapiens, a global e-business solutions provider. ECR/400 is a diagnostic technology that enhances Sapiens’ EuroMigration and eMerge euro migration and convergence tools by managing and viewing IT components and data, assessing possible areas of impact and determining potential areas of conflict between the two tools. ECR/400 is said to integrate seamlessly with both EuroMigration and eMerge.

Most analysts agree that the Euro isn’t just a European problem. If your organization does business on a global basis, and particularly in Europe, experts agree you’ll have to be prepared to deal with the new currency.

And because there’s a three-year transition period slated to accompany a full-fledged ramp-up to euro readiness, says Phil Zaczek, president of Accession Technologies Ltd. (Chicago, Ill.), U.S. companies will likely have to maintain compliance with both the new-fangled euro and with the older national currencies of many of the individual members of the EMU. Within this three-year ramp-up period, it’s not inconceivable that U.S. companies will find themselves dealing simultaneously with some European companies that have already converted to the euro and with others that are moving more slowly.

More importantly, the need to juggle compliance with two currency standards at once on a country-by-country basis can make for a confusing euro conversion project—with a greater potential for conflict across an organization’s disparate information systems.According to Amir Barnea, VP of EuroMigration solutions with Sapiens, the incorporation of ECR/400’s diagnostic capabilities into the EuroMigration and eMerge products enhances his company’s portfolio of solutions on the AS/400 platform.

"This cooperation further expands our proven EuroMigration solution on the AS/400 platform, providing us with the flexibility to address broader markets in need of AS/400 solutions," Barnea contends. "Moreover, we can also offer our eMerge solution to an expanding EuroMigration customer base."

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