New Lawson Release Streamlines Hiring Process

Joanna Doyle

Lawson Software (St. Paul, Minn.) has announced the latest release of ijob, its hosted Web-based recruitment management service.

ijob version 4.0 provides more extensive relationship management functions, to better assist companies in establishing a connection with prospective employees, with improved ability to monitor user’s interactions with the online recruiting system.

“These new relationship management and global features address the most important aspect of recruiting today -- the need to effectively build and manage candidate relationships,” says Larry Dunivan, ijob general manager for Lawson. “Job Site Publisher makes it easy for companies to display jobs on their Web site and intranet, and recruit candidates inside and outside the company worldwide. And the new customization features deliver an unprecedented level of control over the system’s look, functionality and ease of use.”

The ijob service gathers information submitted by candidates including job interests, resumes and interview data. The service notifies employers when qualified candidates register, and includes such functions as computer-assisted screening interviews and statistical prediction.

Specific new features in ijob 4.0 include interview requests and background checks, better cost tracking, better communication with recruiter about candidates, multi-language support and more customizable candidate and recruiter interfaces.

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