HP Enhances TopTools 4.5 Value Pack

HP has added a system performance module for TopTools 4.5 Value Pack. The new system performance advisor module makes use of new Windows Management Interface-based (WMI) performance agents for both HP and non-HP systems to help IT managers optimize their networks.

HP TopTools is a Web-based tool that helps IT manage Windows assets, upgrade PC BIOS, and manage network devices and HP printers. The 4.5 Value Pack, a special enhanced version of TopTools 4.5, offers new inventory, configuration, fault, performance and security management features. It builds on the feature set of Value Pack 1.0, which included custom reporting, paging on event and support for up to 5,000 devices.

The new system performance module provides global, real-time monitoring of CPU, memory, disk I/O, and storage performance for PC and PC server systems. It allows IT managers to define specific groups of PCs and servers within a network to monitor these parameters. The module features configurable sampling and threshold settings, performance-related alerting, automatic agent deployment and drill-down trend analysis on any monitored system.

"System performance advisor lets IT administrators monitor an entire network's performance at a glance so they can quickly detect bottlenecks and analyze critical trends using the HP TopTools Web-based interface," Jeffrey Ben, TopTools Value Pack Product Manager for HP's Network Server Division, said in a statement. "For tasks such as migrating to Windows 2000, IT managers can now use TopTools Value Pack not only to inventory CPUs, memory and hard disk space on a network's PCs but also to chart current system performance trends."

The module includes a global status view, with pie charts that display overall performance status of each monitored group; device system status, with tabbed device lists displaying each system's overall condition and real-time resource use; data collection and graphing, with performance graphs that display sampled parameters' trends over the last hour, day, or month for any monitored system; thresholding, alerting and reporting, featuring user-configurable thresholds that trigger status displays and alerts and can initiate e-mail or paging notification; and Windows support and automatic deployment.

Owners of HP TopTools 4.5 Value Pack can download the system performance advisor at no cost from http://www.hp.com/toptools. New customers can order the 4.5 Value Pack with system performance advisor from resellers or directly from http://www.hp.com/toptools for $995. The system performance advisor module includes an unlimited license for monitoring HP systems and 10 non-HP agent licenses.

Additional non-HP agent licenses are available for $8 per monitored system.

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