Manhattan’s Releases Enhanced PkMS System

Joanna Doyle

Manhattan Associates Inc. (Atlanta) has released the latest version of its PkMS advanced fulfillment system for AS/400. PkMS 2000R1 features enhanced multiclient, multiwarehouse functionality, Web inquiries, improved freight rating functions and rate shopping.

Improvements in PkMS include enhanced APIs and streamlined task management configuration. However, Jeff Baum, Manhattan Associates’ VP of international business development says versatility and broad compatibility are the key features of the new release.

“We are very excited about this release because it represents the efforts of our customers, product management and global organization working together to develop the leading solution for multi-client, multi-channel distribution around the world,” Baum says.

PkMS 2000R1 also supports multilingual documentation and descriptions. The product’s integrated billing module provides functionality to setting tiered rates by customer and transaction, fixed and variable rates and automatic billing. The new release also has enhanced order entry and client configuration features. For order tracking, customers can now query order and inventory status using a Web browser, and can request e-mail notification for shipping status updates.

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