NetManage on StarQuest for Quicker ViewNow Data Access

Jim Martin

Moving to provide its ViewNow users with quicker access to large quantities of AS/400 data, NetManage (Cupertino, Calif.) is joining forces with StarQuest Software Inc. (Berkeley, Calif.), a provider of Internet infrastructure solutions linking IBM enterprise customers to the Web.

The ViewNow product family provides Windows users with a set of connectivity applications for access to mainframe, AS/400, and Unix hosts. NetManage’s AS/400-specific product, ViewNow 400, enables users to quickly access AS/400 data while providing administrators with powerful management facilities for centralized configuration.

Under terms of the deal, NetManage will license StarQuest’s StarSQL ODBC driver with the ViewNow product line. As a result, ViewNow customers will get two times faster performance for accessing data.

“This agreement was driven by the needs of our enterprise customers,” says Zvi Alon, CEO of NetManage. “Our tests show that StarQuest delivers at least twice as fast performance as existing solutions. The tremendous speed and reliability of the StarQuest driver will greatly benefit our ViewNow customers when they need to access time-critical or real-time information.”

In addition to licensing StarSQL for inclusion in ViewNow, NetManage will also sell separately StarQuest’s StarSQL server version. NetManage is currently shipping StarQuest StarSQL with the ViewNow suite for AS/400.

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