Alentis' ASP Matchmaker

Alentis Corporation's new Web site at, serves as an independent source of content, expertise and insight that customers need to make informed decisions, improve efficiencies and build profitable relationships with ASPs. The Alentis Web site provides a directory of ASP software and services offered by more than 300 providers, including company profiles and detailed product specifications. Potential ASP customers follow the site's multi-tiered search architecture to identify ASP solutions that meet their needs and then directly contact the appropriate ASP firm to complete their transaction. Alentis also provides customers with access to original articles and other information about the ASP industry.

"We really are like a matchmaking service between ASPs and end-user organizations," says Guenter H. Krauss, Alentis' President and CEO. "If you think about the marriage process, you have lots of eligible partners. You spend a lot of time finding out if you're compatible. Our Web site does this for ASP customers who are searching for applications that meet their organizational needs. The impartial knowledge that customers derive from our managed content approach gives them the high quality solutions they need - faster and fresher than any other source."

In a recent study, Zona Research discovered that top business executives (CEOs, presidents, owners, partners, CIOs and CFOs) make the decision to implement the ASP business model. Krauss explained that Alentis makes it easier for executives to research, compare and select the ASP solution they need to run their businesses more effectively.

To offer a full range of resources to ASP customers, Alentis has established strategic alliances with companies that host, enable and/or evaluate ASP solutions, including BMC Software, IBM, Progress Software, Aperian, Evergreen Data Continuity, Agreement Design, and Decision Consultants Inc.

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