Asian Language Support for

SAP AG and IBM have introduced plans to offer a Double Byte Character Set (DBCS) version of solutions on IBM AS/400 to support Asian languages. This DBCS implementation of for AS/400 employs a SAP solutions system utilizing the IBM DB2 Universal Database on AS/400's advanced Unicode database technology. Unicode is recognized as the leading character set encoding technology for enabling globalization of IT applications.

This new product broadens the offering of SAP solutions on AS/400 offering to include a product for companies requiring DBCS languages. The two companies also issued a statement of direction (SOD) for NT as an application server choice.

The new DBCS version of on AS/400 will be available in October 2000. It will initially support one DBCS language, plus English, in a single SAP solution system. DBCS languages planned for initial support are Japanese, Korean, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese. The SOD to include NT as an application server choice will allow solutions running on AS/400 to be configured with a heterogeneous combination of NT and AS/400 application servers in a single SAP solution system, increasing the availability of complementary applications.

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